World Food Day – Top Snacks to Boost Creativity

In honour of World Food Day, we have come up with a quick fire snack guide for when you need to boost your office brain power. To best access your creative mindset, simple fill your meeting room snack bowl with the following;

Nuts and Seeds

An amazing source of protein and omega 3, these little power pips will give you a steady flow of the creative juices without over-spiking your energy level. Perfect for when you need to get a solid session in.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Eat the rainbow! Your brain can’t store glucose, meaning it requires a steady supply flow, but pounding it with sugary snacks won’t give you what you need. Fruits and veggies have slow release glucose to help your brain get a steady stream of fuel. Bananas in particular are full of potassium, vitamin C and other good stuff that helps your long term memory, creativity and learning. Why not try whipping up a smoothie for your team to enjoy and get some brainstorm buzz going.


No need to thank us, a study found that the amount of flavanoids in chocolate could boost short-term creativity. Stick to dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage to make the most out of the creative experience. There are some fabulous flavoured dark chocolate bars out there if you want to excite your taste palate further!

And there you have it, three steps to a creative office snack bowl. If you want to go really wild, try making an Acai bowl with ALL of the above. They’re filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and healthy fats – perfect to get that brain pumping.

Why not let us know what you like to keep in your office snack bowl to get your brains ticking? Happy World Food Day!

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7 Tips For Holding A Brainstorm Session

You need an idea, a spark, some inspiration, a flash of creativity but you’re plum out of luck.

Well, you could get some help, assemble a team to assist you with finding the one idea to rule them all and hold a brainstorm session.

Holding a successful brainstorm session isn’t tricky as long as you plan it well beforehand, make sure to stick to the plan, otherwise it just becomes a chit chat rather than working towards the idea.

Here are a few little tips to get you to the holy grail of ideas.

1# Pick your dream team  

Now a brainstorm session can range from 2 people to 100 people, depending on how many people you have at your disposal. It’s good to a have range of people with different interests, backgrounds, experience and levels of creativity. This way your brainstorm experience will be much richer and diverse, with the aim of ticking most, if not all, the boxes.

2# Lay Out Your Aims and Objectives Clearly

Put together an email, or share a document, with information that lays out the aims and the objectives of the brainstorm session, let your team know what you are expecting to achieve, and what the ideal result is. Pose the problem for them to solve, make sure you give them any relevant information they need.

By doing this it saves time not having to explain what they have to come up with and it gives the group time to think about it individually, before the session.

3# Send all relevant information 24 hours before

Sending the information 24 hours gives everyone time to read it, instead of 10 minutes beforehand. This will allow the information to brew in their subconscious, starting to get to work, thinking of new ideas.

As you have read in our previous blogs about being creative, the subconscious is key to creativity, when you are not thinking about it, the brain holds the information which it starts to construct into solid ideas.

4# Make sure you are all sitting comfortably   

Think about where you are holding these brainstorms, somewhere without distractions preferably as you want your team to give you and the ideas their full attention.

Some offices are lucky enough to have breakout areas with bean bags, comfortable sofas, glass wipe boards, and snazzy tables to put your coffee down, but most offices don’t have this luxury.

Therefore, the use of a meeting room will be fine but remember this is NOT a meeting. Meetings, as we all know, are formal, and in order to get the ideas going your brainstorming session needs to be more casual.

Maybe try and get out of the office, head to a coffee shop or even a pub. By taking everyone out of the office environment and to go somewhere new, could help people get truly creative, as it is neutral ground.

5# Establish Brainstorming Etiquette

No, we’re not talking about enforcing rules or laying down the law but making sure the session goes as smoothly as possible.

Let people speak up without fear of being interrupted, let everyone have the chance to contribute and explain their idea. If everyone is speaking over each other you won’t have any clear ideas. Sometimes throwing a ball around a room helps as whoever holds the ball can speak.

Remind everyone that there is no such thing as a stupid idea expect an idea completely off topic. Sometimes an idea at first can sound like it is off topic but let the person explain how it links in.

Make sure someone is writing all the ideas down so they are visible for the group to see, as sometimes seeing it written down can spark more ideas, it might be worth investing in a glass wipe board as a focal point for these brainstorms.

6# Kick It Off

Kick off the session with a quick roundup of ideas the team may have come up with prior to the brainstorm.

Next try some word association or breaking down the subject matter to things that are associated with it.

Think about the time you have, obviously the longer you have to discover and develop idea the better, but sometimes even having a series of short sessions can help focus your thinking.

7# Keep People Up To Date

First thing you should do is to thank people for their time and the ideas they have contributed, this will make everyone happy to contribute in the future.

If their ideas are used or progress then let them know – keep them in the loop. By letting people know their idea was used will show respect to the person, their ideas and time they contributed.  

So there we are, 7 tips to help hold your very own brainstorm session.

Remember bouncing half an idea off someone can turn into the perfect whole idea.       

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Tips For Creative Ideas

A good idea is hard to find, and a really good idea is almost impossible. For some people, coming up with ideas is second nature to them. These people are fully in tune with the right side of the brain and it’s this side of the brain that produces ideas.

Unfortunately we can’t all be masters of creation, so The Glass Wipe Board Company have put together a few little tips to get those creative juices flowing.

Creative research

Creativity is your number one weapon in the endless battle of audience engagement: it helps you stand out in the vast sea of online content and it stops your posts disappearing into people’s generic newsfeeds. So where to start? Well first you need to research; ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the point you’re trying to make?
  • Are you selling a product or service?
  • What format will this be? Video, written, visual, social?
  • What is your desired outcome?
  • Who is your target audience?

Once you have answers to these questions, it will put you on the right path to your amazing idea.

Feed your brain

The next thing you need to do is eat up – feed your subconscious; ideas do not form out of nothing, they evolve from the primordial stew that is spinning around your head. This mental stew consists of lots of half baked ideas that somehow mash together. But in order to get these fragments of inspiration, you need to absorb as much as possible.

You do may do this by: procrastinating, watching TV, playing games, surfing the web, listening to music, watching YouTube, talking to friends — and finally — researching information round your brief and finding inspiration in other people’s work. By things like this,  you will be unknowingly filling up your subconscious to the point it is ready to explode! Now you are ready for the next step.   

Getting ideas down

Start getting your ideas down – this can be in an online document, a piece of paper, or a glass wipe board – just any place you can see them. These don’t have to be completed or finished ideas, just enough to go on. These are the foundations to building your great idea.

If you’re struggling or can’t quite get into the mindset of generating ideas, then bring someone in. Hold a brainstorm session, get a group of people in a room together, brief them, and then let the creative thinking begin.

Write all the ideas down on a glass wipe board so everybody can see them, no matter how obscure the idea might be (if it’s half an idea, somebody in the group might be able to help with the other half). If a brainstorm session is not possible, then set up a document where everybody can just drop ideas in when they can – our Glass Captcha is great for this.

Do nothing and let the magic happen…

Now you have ideas and information and your subconscious is full to the brim, you now have to do… Nothing, that’s right don’t do anything. I want you to forget about coming up with ideas; Go for a walk, start something else, call it a day, head to the pub, go to the gym, anything except the actual job in hand.  

Now this is important. Something very magical will happen… Your creative mind will be stuck on completing this puzzle; it will be obsessed with coming up with up with the perfect idea. All the little pieces will be whizzing around your head and when you least expect it, (such as when you’re in the shower or brushing your teeth), it will hit you. Bang! The most perfectly formed and amazing idea you have ever had – and then you will be rushing around like a mad man to jot it down before you forget it.

A downside to all of this is that you may not get much sleep as your overactive brain will be keeping you up at night. But that’s the sacrifice of idea making. Remember, everything starts with an idea.

So in the words of David Brent “A good idea is a good idea… forever”. 

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Introducing the BowlPhish Visible Clear Magnetic!

Experience the attraction of our NEWEST BowlPhish Visible creation, the BowlPhish Visible Clear Magnetic glass wipe board.

Why the Clear Magnetic?

Its clear glass is ideal for amplifying your existing colour scheme, and the magnetic element is available in 24 exciting colours: from a bold lime green (Sub Lime), to a delicate duck egg blue (Barely Blue). We can even provide you with a bespoke colour if you like!

What makes the BowlPhish Clear Magnetic boards so special is that they come in 11 sizes, or if you prefer, tailored size options. The clear magnetic board’s possibilities are endless – we can even work our magic to turn yours into corporate bespoke planner (ooh, that’ll impress your boss!). 

Are you the person in charge of scribbling the notes up during a meeting? Rest assured that our high quality glass provides an impervious and extremely robust finish, and can handle even the most intense brainstorming sessions.

All our BowlPhish glass writing boards are manufactured in the UK, and the BowlPhish Visible Clear Magnetic is no different! It comes with top quality fixings and the glass surface is resistant against marks, stains, and scuffs. We’re so confident that our glass writing board quality speaks for itself, that we offer a lifetime surface guarantee!

Want your own Glass Writing Board?

Interested? We’re here to help you, feel free to speak to one of our lovely Glass Wipe Board Company bunch by calling 0800 028 9560, or email Don’t forget you can accessorise your lovely clear magnetic board too!

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BowlPhish Visible Glass Wipe Boards

A cool whiteboard alternative, the BowlPhish Visible glass wipe board has sleek anodised aluminium fixings and comes in five smooth finishes: clear glass, clear magnetic glass, coloured glass, frosted glass and magnetic glass. It also comes in a range of size options (even bespoke!).

A BowlPhish Visible glass wipe board is the ultimate office must-have! Explore our awesome BowlPhish Visible glass wipe board creations below…

Visible Clear Glass

The BowlPhish Visible Clear glass wipe board has slick anodised aluminium fixings and performs like a regular whiteboard, but is a much more polished and minimalist alternative. Clear glass wipe boards will jazz up any environment, and are ideal for modern offices or even restaurants or bars! Its robust and impervious finish is easy to keep clean.

Visible Frosted Glass

A frosted glass wipe board is most definitely a cool addition to any work setting. The BowlPhish Visible Frosted Glass glass wipe board is available in a variety of different sizes (11 to be precise!) – even a bespoke size, and is useful for a number of things: from office planners, to sharing your ideas in that all important meeting. If you want to add a personal touch, our clear glass is sandblasted so you can add your own branding.

Visible Coloured Glass

A great way of enhancing your space and adding to your existing colour scheme, the BowlPhish Visible Coloured glass wipe board comes in 24 vibrant colours, or a colour of your choice! The Visible Coloured glass wipe board comes in 11 popular sizes!

Visible Magnetic Glass

For a sleek magnetic glass board, the BowlPhish Visible Magnetic glass wipe board comes equipped with elegant aluminium fixings. You can choose from 24 cool colours as well as a range of different sizes. Make your mark on your Visible Magnetic glass wipe board with bespoke and branded options!
Don’t forget that all our BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards come with a lifetime surface guarantee! Contact us for more details on any of our glass writing boards!

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Freestanding FreeStyle Range

Say goodbye to those flip charts and traditional whiteboards, and hello to our BowlPhish FreeStyle Range of freestanding glass wipe boards! The future of your presentation is set to get even better…

As the saying goes, the best things in life are… freestanding! Our distinctive mobile freestanding BowlPhish glass wipe boards are stylish, practical and extremely versatile.

Go wild with our amazing colour and magnetic options, and wheel them around the office to your heart’s content!

FreeStyle One

On a quest for a sleek and snazzy freestanding glass wipe board? We’ve found the (FreeStyle) FreeStyle One freestanding glass wipe boardsOne for you.

The FreeStyle One is a true BowlPhish product of distinction. Make it your own office showstopper by personalising it with your own bespoke colour, or with one of our 24 vibrant colours.

Pin boards can be a thing of the past too, as these come in magnetic options. Simply stick your notes or important bits and pieces up with magnets for the chicest freestanding glass wipe boards around!

FreeStyle Ultra

FreeStyle Ultra freestanding glass wipe boardsMake your office space ultra useful and stylish with the FreeStyle Ultra! This wheely glass wipe board has robust castors and comes in four different sizes, as well as a range of colours (including any corporate or special colours) and finishes.

Its vigorous yet sleek build is perfect for those intense brainstorming and note writing sessions!

FreeStyle Up

The only way is (FreeStyle) Up! The FreeStyle Up is our newest BowlPhish addition, and is a tall, elegantFreeStyle Up freestanding glass wipe boards and easily moveable glass wipe board.

The FreeStyle Up comes in 24 different colours (with special and bespoke shades available). The great thing about the FreeStyle Up is that multiple units can be used next to each other, and stacked down into a neat foot print to save space.

The coolest thing about the FreeStyle Up is that it can be combined with Glass Captcha to capture, share or even live stream anything you like.


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Christmas Wishes and Closing Times!

Here’s wishing all our customers a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.  We’d like to takemerry-christmas this opportunity to thank you for your valued custom during 2016 and hope to be of service to you again in 2017.

We will be taking a break over the Christmas period to enjoy the festivities and recharge ready for a busy start to 2017. Our office will be closed from noon on Friday 23rd December and re-open on Tuesday 3rd January.

But between now and the 23rd it will be business as usual, so keep your enquiries and orders coming in on 01303 266200 and we’ll be delighted to help. Visit our website to find out more about our BowlPhish products.

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FreeStyle Glass Wipe Board Shoot at The Workshop, Folkestone

One of our most challenging areas in marketing our products is getting decent product shots. Photographing glass in a studio is difficult enough, so trying to find a good location with the correct light just adds another level of complication!

Our search for a location was on, and the task was given to photographer Will Keeler from Cacteye.

003Will hit the jackpot, and found an amazing location near to us called The Workshop in Tontine Street, Folkestone Kent. Will got permissions for us to shoot our FreeStyle range of BowlPhish glass wipe boards there.

‘Unique’, ‘refreshing’, and ‘vibrant’ are all words that have been used to describe The Workshop and its offices. It is an all-encompassing package that inspires professionals and businesses to be creative; the energy of the building itself reflects the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs inside.


011We spent the day at The Workshop (which is located in the Creative Quarter of Folkestone) and had some great opportunities as well as the perfect sunny day (which is rare for November!) which added to the buzz. Our mission was to get several locations within the building before the sun went down. James Avery (workshop and factory floor manager) helped us liaise with everyone and made everything run as smoothly as possible. Thanks, James!

The product at the centre of the shoot was our FreeStyle Range, a family of three products all unique in their own way. FreeStyle One is a freestanding BowlPhish glass wipe board which has a sculptured twist to its look; the FreeStyle Ultra is more traditional looking, but has the option of various width; and our latest addition is the FreeStyle Up, which looks sleek and has the option of having multiple units to increase writing space, to which it neatly stacks upright to a compact footprint.

Thank you to The Workshop for letting us use your unique space to achieve our goal. Here are some our finished product shots.

Freestyle UP  FreeStyle One The FreeStyle Range FreeStyle Ultra

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Last BowlPhish orders…! for 2016 anyway.

As Christmas is now coming around fast, don’t forgot to get your orders in – to ensure pre-Christmas delivery please order before 3pm on Friday 9th December 2016.

All our glass wipe boards are carefully made to order and quality craftsmanship cannot be rushed. Bespoke colours, sizes, planners and branding take a little longer, but are well worth the wait!

Check out our superior range of glass wipe boards (magnetic, non-magnetic and freestanding). Alternatively, pick up the phone for a printed colour chart or to discuss your requirements in more detail, on 0800 028 9560.

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‘BowlPhish Racing’ 2017 team launch

Header Image by HardyCC

We are proud to announce that The Glass Wipe Board Company are going to be involved in supporting a cycle race team for 2017, the main focus being on a women’s development team.

On Saturday 10th December, we are holding the bowlphishal BowlPhish Racing 2017 TEAM LAUNCH at 2pm! The venue is our HQ, K3, Lympne Distribution Park, Otterpool Lane, Lympne, Kent CT21 4LR. This is an open invitation so everyone is invited! If you are interested in joining the team, or whether you’re a man or a woman, you love cycling, or you are just being nosy then come along! There will be food, drink and lots of chat! You will get to meet the ladies that are going to be stamping their mark on women’s British cycling in 2017.

Jo Smith
Jo Smith

We will be composed of Road, Time Trail, Track and Cyclocross racers with athletes who compete at a local, regional and national level events. The women’s development team consists of 6 riders (All to be revealed over the next week) and will be led by National Grass Track Champion Jo Smith.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 10th December 2016 at our HQ. You can get directions here. Please note: when you arrive, please drive through the security gate and make sure it’s open first. Then drive straight on, and about 100m on the right you will see 2 vans with the BowlPhish on the side and some flags drive between the vans.  Park up and come through the door that says K3 above it! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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