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FreeStyle One, FreeStyle Ultra & FreeStyle Up

BowlPhish 'Freestyle' - Our Freestanding Glass Wipe Board Range

Freestanding glass writing boards

Our unique BowlPhish freestanding mobile glass wipe boards are versatile and convenient. They come with all our exciting colour and magnetic options and can be moved around the office for use as needed.

Our range of freestanding glass boards


FreeStyle One

  • The elegant BowlPhish FreeStyle One is a curved and chic piece of art.

FreeStyle Ultra

  • Our most recent addition is the BowlPhish FreeStyle Ultra range with the choice of sizes in single or double sided, magnetic if you like, it is ultra-practical and ultra-versatile.


FreeStyle Up

  • Our latest addition to the FreeStyle Collection. The FreeStyle Up is the first BowlPhish glass board to be designed as a slimmer elegant glass board, available in all 24 colours with bespoke colours, with planner, calendar and magnetic options.
BowlPhish freestanding glass wipe boards BowlPhish freestanding glass wipe boards BowlPhish freestanding glass wipe boards

FreeStyle One

FreeStyle Ultra

FreeStyle Up

All our BowlPhish Glass Writing Boards come with a LIFETIME SURFACE GUARANTEE!

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All our BowlPhish glass wipe boards are made by us in the UK.
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