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BowlPhish Glass Wipe Boards for Specifiers

The Glass Wipe Board Company places great priority on specifiers with a complete range of superior BowlPhish glass wipe boards which satisfy both architect and main contractor.


Architects can specify a truly aesthetic glass writing board for any contemporary interior work environment, in the knowledge that the product is sustainable, functional and reliable. There is no need for compromise at installation stage either, as contractors will discover that whole life value is outstanding and that installation of our glass wipe board system is simple (saving time and money).  We understand your business and that you need to deliver on time and on budget, so you can depend on us to deliver to meet your completion schedules.


Specify a great range of BowlPhish glass writing boards

We have a wide range of glass drywipe boards for you to specify. Our most popular product is the sleek BowlPhish ‘hidden’ range, which features magnetic coloured glass, very easily installed and the fixings are hidden.  Alternatively, our BowlPhish ‘visible’ range of glass whiteboards includes clear, frosted, coloured or magnetic glass with elegant aluminium fixings which are visible when installed.

We specialise in producing bespoke glass boards including branded, planners, special colours or sizes. We also offer various freestanding glass wipe boards for use anywhere in the office.


Glass Wipe Boards Made in Britain

We make all BowlPhish glass wipe boards of toughened safety glass to order, at our own premises in the UK.  So we oversee every stage of production to ensure every detail is perfect, giving you peace of mind that you will be specifying and supplying quality BowlPhish product to your clients.


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All our BowlPhish Glass Writing Boards come with a LIFETIME SURFACE GUARANTEE!

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All our BowlPhish glass wipe boards are made by us in the UK.
The Glass Wipe board Company wants you to be confident when you purchase a Bowlphish glass wipe board.


We're so confident that you'll be hooked on all our products, we're putting our money where our mouth is. CALL US NOW FOR MORE DETAILS.

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